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Science Alive/ Elus teadus has been focusing on science education and popularisation and on schools and pupils since 2011.

What are we doing in 2015/2016? For sure – there is enough challenges and fun for everyone.

Just like the last 4 years we’ll continue with the hands-on workshops in schools. During 45 minutes we’ll introduce our study field and research and of course, we’ll give the pupils something practical to do.

Last year we started with a science contest “Teaduslahing” to 7-9 grade students. Already the first year we had 155 teams from 100 schools all over Estonia. We put together tens of practical assignments which pupils solved with limited time in first stage held in all Estonian counties and in Tallinn and in in the Final in Tartu. In Final the teams also had to present their study they made in the home county. Teaduslahing takes also place in 2016!

Exchange students have been participating in Science Alive project for couple of years. This year we started with a subject at Estonian University of Life Sciences called “Science communication” (2 ECTS). It will teach you about communication channels and how to talk about your topic in a simple language. The subject is in English. The study period is from 1st March to 26th April on Tuesdays at 16:15. Registration is open! More info at:

If you want to join Science Alive – do workshops in schools, help to organise a science contest or study Science communication – contact us: